Where do bed bugs come from and where do they hide?

Remember the old saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite?” Did you ever wonder where they came from? These bugs can be visible to the naked eye but are rarely seen in well-lit areas. This is because they are used to being active in dark and damp places. They are usually active during the nighttime hours, especially before sunrise.

During the day, these cowards find places to hide because they instinctively run away when exposed to light. There are many places where they can hide so much time as they are areas where little to no light is present.

So where do bed bugs hide (during the day)?

bed bugs hiding in the carpetMany of them, including mature adults and baby nymphs, can be found in the creases or crevices of furniture. They also can be found in the plastic corner of a box spring, the mattresses’ seaming and behind the headboards.

Bed bugs can hide in your sofa, luggage, and even books! Look at photos and paintings that hang on the walls. They can also live in furniture that would be discarded or abandoned outdoors.

Furniture that is quite wet from precipitations could attract these bed bugs since they still live mostly damp spots. These Bed bugs don’t necessarily need to be found in beds. Because of their flat, small bodies, they can be found in even the tiniest crevices of your house.

Bed bugs love to hide in the carpet, in piles of clothes or on clothes you’re wearing, and they hide their infamous bed bug eggs in the seams of your mattress, or anywhere they can get away with dropping them off for a future hatch.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs come from almost anyplace that offers a fabric, dark place, or nearby waiting meal. The main reason we’re seeing so many bed bugs in today’s world is because DEET based insecticide was outlawed by the government due to health concerns.

Bed Bug Exterminators are Expert, but not Cheap

exterminator for bed bugsAn answer for many to the invasion issue is to call an expert bed bug exterminator. Experienced exterminators know where these pests stow away and will play out an “investigation” to check their quality. While some killing administrations can be costly, it is maybe the best way to guarantee that your living arrangement will be free from terrible pervasion.

Some home chemicals could also be used to kill bed bugs but can cause adverse health effects if misused. The key to getting rid of these bugs is to know where they are hiding.

If you are having difficulty finding any of them, consider looking for experts, to get rid of these annoying insects, or seek out a natural solution that guarantees you will soon learn how to get rid of bed bugs for good. Perhaps the most practical approach is to have a dog pinpoint all the hiding places so that they can be properly treated for a right.

Bed bugs are pros themselves when it comes to finding a hiding place. When spotted, they move fast. It is better to catch them quickly when in a dark place with a flashlight. While it may not be the best idea to be up at this time of day, the peak activity time for them is during the pre-dawn hours.