There’s a Place in France Where the Bed Bugs Love Your Pants

PUNAISES DE LIT paris au nice

Bed Bugs in Paris France Are Becoming a Huge Problem

In a time of dropping tourism in France due to fear of terror attacks and a sinking world economy, now France is having to deal with invaders of a different sort- bed bugs. Bed bugs are thought (not 100% correctly) to originate from tourists, but the truth is, they can be coming into the country through anyone traveling into the land.

So just how bad is the problem?

According to a recent report, over 200,000 homes in France are under attack by bed bugs. Recent information from entomology studies have found bed bugs are attracted to dirty clothes and laundry, preferring to hide in the hamper when you’re not at home and wait for their next meal.

Many French papers are blaming tourists, but not mentioning refugees as potential harbingers of bed bugs themselves. Many landlords are shelling out over 300 Euros just to stop a single apartment bed bug infestation, much to the dismay of property management companies and private individuals.

Some French have even taken to signing petitions to get local officials to do something about the bed bugs and mosquitoes in the town, but officials are hesitant to do anything about the rising bed bug issue.

What Can Parisians and the French do to stop “Punaises de Lit” (bed bugs)

Many in Paris have taken the advice that bed bugs don’t tolerate temperature extremes very well. So plenty of people are now either washing their clothes in extremely hot water, or putting their clothes in the freezer in their household appliances next to frozen meat and ice cream. Regardless of the method, waiting around seems to be no option dealing with this massive bed bug problem affecting all of Europe now.

The French will benefit from taking matters into their own hands whether that be the woman in her flat in Paris, or the Hotel owner with 20 rooms to care for. The government is clearly not going to do much for the problem, as it simply does not know where to begin. The common solution is to call an expensive exterminator and hit the bed bugs with heat treatments using high temperatures, or powerful chemical pesticides usually containing at best pyrethrin, or much worse and more dangerous substances.

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