How CBD Can Change Your Pet Dog or Cat’s Life for the Better

We are undoubtedly aware that wherever CBD is legal across the world, many people use it for health issues like anxiety, skin conditions, and chronic pain. And in the entirety of the USA, CBD is legal.

However, did you also know that CBD is also great for pets too? Well, the second most prevalent chemical compound of the cannabis plant – Cannabidiol (CBD) – is actually psychoactive deficient.

What that means is, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most abundant compound in the cannabis plant that makes users get high, CBD gives its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits to pets while enabling them to maintain sobriety.

So great news, CBD is not a gateway drug for your furry friend after all.

Why Pets Need CBD

giving cbd to your pet dogs or cats

All mammals have the endocannabinoid system which harbors a myriad of cannabinoid receptors.

When some receptors fail to function optimally, pets may suffer unnecessarily from anxiety, arthritis, depression, stress, or even skin problems – just like humans.

See, we actually have CBD running through our bodies at all times, but by taking exogenous CBD, it actually primes the body’s receptors to start utilizing existing CBD even more.

Giving CBD to dogs and cats creates a unison in bonding between Cannabidiol and the receptors. That being said, these pets get a corrective measure against their pain points from this interaction.

How CBD can help your pets’ life and health

Cannabidiol for anxiety

An anxious dog is a disturbed pet. Many dogs reportedly develop anxiety relatively fast whenever they are in loud environments because they have ultra-sensitive hearing. They develop excessive worries which could prompt their owners to look for alternative solutions. Additionally, many pets get separation anxiety when their owners are away.

The functionality of CBD then utilizes the endocannabinoid system and aids in striking balance in how serotonin gets processed in the mammalian bodies.

A publication made in 2015 in the Neurotherapeutics Journal, CBD showed positive results when it comes to anxiety alleviation.

Nonetheless, the study was on animal models. But, as aforementioned, all mammals have cannabinoid receptors. Replicating the same on dogs, there could be positive results on any mammal including cats too.

CBD for epilepsy

According to research, between 1-5% of puppies suffer from epilepsy worldwide. In the case of mature dogs, 3% suffer from idiopathic epileptic conditions.

In addition to this, many pet owners will find seizures as a potential side effect of using Front Line anti-flea and tick medication on their dog or cat. I know my dog began to tremble severely and was not the same for a while after I used Frontline, and then threw the rest away. Heck, even I felt nauseous myself after getting it on my skin.

The interaction between cannabinoid receptors and CBD causes seizures to reduce in severity and number.

CBD for arthritis

With its innumerable anti-inflammatory properties, CBD assists in reducing joint inflammations caused by arthritis.

Administering CBD-infused products to cats and dogs helps in combating chronic arthritis pain, lessens aches, pain, and joint stiffness, and strengthens bone mass and density, even acting as an anti-aging component.

Final thoughts on CBD for pets

There are many unscrupulous sellers out there purporting to sell legit CBD oil for cats and dogs. The fact is that such products may harbor high levels of THC. Instead of offering therapeutic benefits to your pet, THC may cause toxicity.

It’s crucial to conduct due diligence before purchasing CBD for your pet. The same case applies to liaise with your vet before starting the CBD administration journey for pets. This is why we recommend American Hemp Oil, because they make CBD for humans, but also specifically for pets too.

And, they tell you exactly how to safely dose the CBD for your dog or cat.

However, many vets and doctors will advise against CBD simply because they will say there aren’t enough tests or data to support the claims, but in my experience, people with large egos in white lab coats tend to be followers and not leaders, yes-men and not readers.

If you will do your own research and read articles around the web by actual doctors and vets who have used CBD with success, you will likely also be convinced of the tremendous potential in this safe, all-natural compound.

Whatever you do, good luck to you and your furry friends and family. They deserve the very best.