How City And Local Governments Are Dealing With Bed Bugs

bed bugs in suitcases from hotelsReports and studies indicate that the infamous and now less rare bed bug infestation is rapidly increasing across the world. In the United States the resurgence of bed bugs according to scientists is as a result of not using the proper pesticides and international immigration where foreigners from developing countries carry bed bugs into the country.

In order to properly control a bed bug infestation, it is important to understand the causes of the rapid infestation. Bed bugs are still spreading and increasing in the U.S hence there is a need to develop new effective insecticides as well as essential government legislation to eradicate this growing epidemic. Regardless of what has caused the resurgence of these primitive pests, everyone wants to know how local and city governments are dealing with the massive bed bug outbreak.

In 2009 a “Bed Bug Summit” was hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where government agents, public-health officials and pest control experts gathered to address the menace long before it was recently blown up by the media. Participants discussed several issues including the role of local governments in eradicating bed bug infestation as well as the need to conduct research on these bugs.

A senior EPA official recently said that most of the recommendations that were published after the summit are already in motion. Communication channels have been opened between inter-government agencies in a bid to solve the problem. Surprisingly, the department of defense has also been brought on board as the bed bug inter-agency task force according to the official.

Safe and Effective Natural Treatments for Bed Bugs

Sadly few government officials will ever recommend a completely natural solution made of freshwater amorphous silica or diatomaceous earth as shown on this website which is good for fleas, ants, roaches, and ticks too. You can even comb it through your dog’s fur, then give your dog a bath immediately after for super effective flea control!

The resurgence of bed bugs has also been attributed to changes in pest control methods. This is due to the assumption that bed bugs were controlled while controlling other insects at home such as cockroaches and ants. The senior official from the Environmental Protection Agency further said that research is being done in Washington by the Department of Agriculture along with other agencies such as the departments of Housing and Urban Development as well as that of Health and Human Services to help control the bed bug infestation.

Signs of Bed Bugs- Your Computer Has More than Just Digital Bugs

Some school districts have gone to the extent of quarantining electronics due to bed bugs. A student recently made a report saying that an insect was found in a computer issued by his school for a computer education class. The insect was later found to be a common bed bug leading to a quarantine of all devices in the school until the district ensures that they are all safe.

Bed Bug Prevention Laws Vary by State, but They Do Exist

In Chicago, a law was passed to help in the control of bedbugs that requires landlords to issue tenants a brochure with information on bed bugs after the signing of a lease. This law makes landlords and tenants share the duty in controlling and preventing bed bug infestation. In Illinois the bed bug menace is an isolated incident according to Kathy Wade, the director of Environmental Health at Macon health department.

Precautions are also being advised for travelers to avoid picking up bedbugs.

She says that the invasion by this small, flat and brown bug is widespread in this region including hotels, apartments and private residences. Bed bug infestation in this region is controlled by professional exterminators from the health department who deploy a series of treatments to deal with these bugs.