Dog Walking and Dog Sitting Tips from the Professionals

Tips from a Pro Dog Walker

*Be calm, be assertive when walking your dog.

*Always remember to pick up their poopy business along the way. Pack doggy doo bags.

*Don’t let the dog immediately going into sniffing/peeing/marking as soon as you step outside. Let the dog start taking care of business within 5 – 10 minutes of starting the walk. This lets the dog know that the walk is truly about the walk, and that you are in control.

*Don’t feed a dog’s nervous or over anxious energy by letting them pull you on the leash. Simply stop if they are pulling, and then resume the walk when they are ready to behave.

*Remember that your personal energy state will often transfer to the dog as well.

*If the dog is jumping on you, it may just mean that it’s excited. When the dog goes to jump at you, simply step to the side and shift your body away so that it knows you’re not receptive to this behavior.

Dog Sitting Tips

Dog sitting is not that different from dog walking when it comes to strategy. It just requires love, patience, and the will to spend time with a furry friend.

Basically, the most important thing: Know Thy Dog. Dogs will pick up on and match your energy, and sometimes dogs will even mirror your personality!

Dog Walking Tips and Resources

Remember that you can spend weeks and months of trial and error trying to perfect your dog walking or dog sitting business, or you can simply fast track your success by relying on the already proven successful Move Over, Rover! Guide to Starting your own Dog Walking or Dog Sitting Business from Home.

From websites to simple marketing, to building a loyal client base, we’ve got you covered!

Wag! Dog Walkers and Sitters Share Similar Gripes with the Online Doggy Business

Wag! Dog Walker Reviews

Wag! is an online Dog Walking Service that connects dog owners to dog walkers for 30 minute walks of their furry little friends via an online app and website. During the walks, dog owners are able to monitor the location and progress of their dog’s journey while the walk is in progress.

Wag! is a great way for dog walkers to get in the game and start getting business immediately, but as always it comes with a catch. For instance, a Wag! walker can expect to give 30 – 40% of their paycheck back to Wag! for every dog they walk. This of course is a trade-off for getting those free customer leads.

The typical Wag! dog walker complaints

Wag dog walker reviewsAfter reviewing the Wag! reviews from dog walkers online, it seems that some serious problems have been repeated by several different dog walkers:

*Pay is not great after you have to give back practically half of what you make to them, sometimes up to 50%

*Wag! does not withhold taxes for you, and after you make $500, you’ll owe for taxes at the end of the year

*Wag! does not provide any insurance for you as a dog walker, so if you get injured or your apartment gets destroyed, good luck with that

*Employees that worked in their corporate offices said their pay was screwed up consistently and that the company was dishonest.

*Wag! walkers complain that there is no support from Wag! for dealing with customers. Some walkers have waited at the dog’s house for an hour without a key to get in, and no one would respond to them.

*Wag! walkers say the pay is inconsistent. This is likely due to the fact that it’s super competitive to find a dog walking gig, and the app will help the dog owner select a Wag! walker which may mean that you don’t get to have a regular, recurring and loyal dog walking customer base like we show you how to build here

Positive Things about Being a Wag! Dog Walker

*Some sitters have reported being able to make $400/week which is enough for a full-time income

*You get to make your own schedule and have a relatively independent operation

*You get to hang around dogs all day

*Wag! finds you business for you (but is not always consistent)

*Wag! app is fun and easy to use, and also helps you create a system by which you can walk dogs and create a positive customer experience, which you can then mimic in your own independent operation.

Final Word on Being a Wag! Dog Walker

If all you ever do is rely on their app, you could get lucky good or bad, which could mean, depending on where you live, being able to get plenty of business, or not being able to secure many dog walking gigs at all depending on the saturation of the dog walker pool in your area on Wag!

This is why it’s absolutely 100% crucial for you to NOT rely solely upon Wag! (or for all your dog walking business. This is exactly why it’s so important for you to start out with the thought, no- the promise- that you are going to use Wag! to get your initial business WHILE you create your own independent dog walking business that builds a regular, loyal, and amazing customer (and dog) base that will enable you to keep 100% of the money you make, while focusing on getting only the best, coolest dogs (and dog moms and dads) that you want to work with!

I show you how to do ALL of this with Move Over, Rover!

Please check it out and save yourself from hours of unnecessary frustration.

How Wag! dog walkers can get more dog walks, gigs and customers

Man Makes $140,000 /yr Running a Dog Walking Business!

How Much Can Dog Walkers Make?

While I myself know dog walkers and sitters running a relatively low key and stress-free business from home as retirees, I was totally blown away to see this news story about a man in New York who makes a 6-figure income walking dogs.

While the gentleman says it’s by no means easy, he really loves making a lucrative income being around dogs and doing what he loves. This is incredibly motivating for people considering starting their own dog walking or dog sitting business.

It all depends on a simple formula:

Number of dogs to walk x price per walk x times per week = $$$

After this, to entice customers, you can build a plan of multiple walks per package deal, giving small discounts and incentives to get long-term business built into your plan. Also, customer loyalty cards which double as business cards can be a great idea for you as well.

Notice how, once you have daily customers and regulars, you will need to find employees of your own. Pretty soon you could be kicking your feet up on your desk or couch at home getting texts from your dog walker employees reporting back in saying “All is well.” while you enjoy a casual day in your pajamas.

Getting that First Customer as a Dog Walker is Big

As you can see in the video, he doesn’t do it all himself. He actually has about 26 employees at this point, which is exactly where you need to be if you want to earn 6 figures. The business owner makes the money and delegates most of the work to his employees which he has hand picked and trained to be version of himself.

This would no doubt take some time. But consider his clients and client base. Notice how his customers are regulars whose trust he’s gained through excellent and dependable service, building a rapport with each individual dog, and gradually expanding and scaling up.

No doubt he doesn’t feel the need to charge a discount rate for his services either. Because he’s a premium dog walker and business owner, he can charge whatever rate he wants to his happy and loyal client base.

This is why it’s so important to find more leads for your dog walking business.

Additional Resources for Starting a Dog Walking Business

It’s important that you start out with the will to succeed- and a solid plan. This is exactly why we’ve created “Move Over, Rover!”, a guide to starting your very own dog walking/dog sitting business from home. It requires very little startup investment capital, we give you immediate ways to start acquiring customers from the get-go, and we help you with some secrets and tips from our already successful online business that you can apply to maximize your earnings immediately.

This is why it’s now easier than ever to learn how to become a dog walker or dog sitter and to start making additional money, or if you play your cards right, a full-time income, all from home, on your schedule, on your time.

start a dog walking business from home

Dog Walking Tips for Dealing with Aggressive and Territorial Stray Dogs

Tips for Walking Your Dog Around Aggressive and Territorial Stray Dogs

*Don’t turn and run or attempt to sprint away. This will trigger their predatory instinct to pursue you further and potentially trigger them to even bite you or your dog.

*Depending on the breed of the stray dog you encounter, simply picking up and carrying your dog will diffuse the situation. If the dog continues to bark and move toward you, face them with a dominant/assertive non verbal stance as you walk backwards and slowly away. But do not attempt aggression with them unless they are actually biting you or your dog and you have to physically remove them. Then all bets are off.

dog walking tips for dealing with stray dogs*Carry a cane, walking stick, trekking pole or another object you can point at them or swing as a weapon if you need to. I’ve found often that by simply pointing a trekking pole at a dog or tapping the ground while talking the dog down with a firm yet non-anxious tone can disarm an angry dog or buy you enough time and space to make your escape.

*Some dog breeds may not respond to you picking up your dog and walking away. Be very wary of pitt bulls, doberman pinschers, huskies, rottweilers and hounds.

*If you are overwhelmed worst case scenario, it may be best for you to try to find higher ground for yourself or your dog, to include throwing your dog on top of a car or in the back of a truck, or on a table. Be prepared to fight for you and your dog’s survival if need be, as this may be your only hope until someone can assist you or you show the attacking dog that it’s not worth it to pursue.

*Keep your eyes wide open and check your six regularly. This means a quick glance behind you every few minutes or after you pass an intersection or business/house with an open gate. This also means that you look for dogs 100 yards ahead and see if there are any walking around or sitting nearby buildings. I like to cross the street and avoid them if that’s the case, as traffic is a natural deterrent from dogs running across the road.

Additional Tips for Dog Walkers Dealing with Strays

Here is some more reading for you which agrees with what I’ve stated for the most part on how to overcome encounters with aggressive stray dogs.

Also see:

Turn your love of dogs into money. Start your own dog sitting/dog walking business today with our e-guide.

Hang With My Dog for a Few Minutes Would Ya’?

Why Dog Days are #1

Dogs are the best people, it’s a clinical fact. Whether you’re out for a walk or just chilling cribside, dogs can turn an otherwise dull and grey day into a warm ray of furry sunshine. That’s why I wanted to upload this compilation video of my best friend Printz.

Printz is a rescue dog from Idyllwyld CA. He is likely around 5 years old at this time and the Marine veteran who gave him to me said he was a hound mix. I think you can see that he’s got some Beagle and Basset Hound in him as well as possibly some American Pitt Bull Terrier, Dalmation and Labrador.

Whatever Printz is, he’s the sweetest dang dog I know. He’s so sweet that you could put him in a bottle and you’d have something sweeter than Yoo Hoo. I hope you enjoyed this short video and that you can see how maybe dogs aren’t are whole lives, but they definitely make our lives whole 🙂

Adopt a Dog in Your Area and Make a Difference in a Sweet Hound’s Life


adopt a dog or cat near me in my area

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How to become a dog walker or dog sitter from home, make money and be your own boss

How to Make Extra Money from Home as a Dog Sitter

Benefits and Disadvantages of Being a Sitter


1. Easy to Start Making Money Immediately- as long as you spend a few hours making your profile look nice and inviting, showing people your house and backyard, and put up a happy picture of yourself, you should get your first business relatively quickly
2. Support from Rover- Rover offers 24-7 emergency vet care for accidents or sickness of animals staying in your custody
3. No Marketing Required- has already done all the work of marketing, so you just have to sit back and accept leads they send your way


1. Location is Key- If you live in a small town or a town that is not a destination city, you may not end up getting much business
2. is dishonest- can and will drop your profile from their search results to the very bottom if you get negative feedback from a customer. Also, masquerades as a nice company, but they have attempted to change your local government’s laws regarding dog sitting to benefit their bottom line.
3. All or Nothing- does not want you taking on any business aside from, so in other words they want you solely reliant upon them for getting customers, and will often monitor your communications with customers to ensure you’re not getting their business off the Rover radar. One day you could be getting lots of business, and the next, it all disappears. I know sitters on Rover to whom this has happened.

My advice? Use to get started making money immediately, and transition into your own independent dog sitting operation. I show you exactly how to do this here!

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Killer for Dogs and Cats- Is It Actually Safe?

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Killer

Frontline is a popular flea and tick killer for dogs and cats and it’s very effective. But the problem is, it’s too effective.

frontline plus for dogs reviewThe product has been known, along with many others that the EPA tested, to be fatal to some unfortunate dogs and cats tested in clinical trials. As usual, there is a spectrum of side effects so that even if your dog or cat does not immediately die, they can be changed drastically from their former happy selves.

My Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Killer Review

I tried Frontline because people I had met at dog parks recommended it along with people at PetSmart and other popular pet stores. I read the Amazon comments and saw that it was a highly rated product. I must have missed the negative reviews, because when I tried the product, I noticed some strange behavior from my beloved furry friend Printz.

Immediately my dog became lethargic, and I noticed when he was sleeping that he broke out into low grade seizures and tremors. I also felt strange myself after applying the product, becoming a bit nauseous, lightheaded, and my hands were tingling in the same way they would if I held my cell phone for an hour or 2 and looked at email or social media.

I went back and read the reviews and saw that yes indeed, seizures were a common side effect. I immediately stopped using the product and started looking for an alternative and natural flea and tick killer.

Diatomaceous Earth + Showers = Natural Flea and Tick Prevention

I got a DE based product like they offer at this bed bug killer website and applied it directly to the affected areas of my dog’s flea infestation, which I’m reasonably certain he picked up at a local doggy daycare. I brushed the white powdery DE through several times and gave the dog a few thorough showers, and I noticed the fleas reacted aggressively and frantically, because they must have realized they weren’t going to make it through the night.

All in all, using the DE was a safe method of getting rid of the fleas. I also avoided taking the dog back to the dog daycare facility where I was going regularly. One must be careful not to let your dog breathe in the DE directly, because while natural, can be harmful if breathed in too much.

Find something safe that works for you to stop fleas with your dog or cat

My final word is just be careful and look for reviews of negative reactions from other pet owners on when trying to find a good flea and tick killer. This way you can determine the worst case scenarios ahead of time. Many natural solutions do exist, but require a little more work. I think your best friend is worth it though, don’t you?

Take care and send your hound my love. 🙂


Want to learn how to turn your love of dogs into money?

How to make money by dog sitting or dog walking, and turn it into a lucrative home business today.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs Review: the Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat (with Bones)

raw meat and bone dog food diet reviewIf you are skeptical at feeding a dog uncooked raw meat and bones, answer the following question: how did dogs cook for themselves before humans came along?

Why I feed my dog a raw food diet

After much testing and feeding my dog even the best, most expensive kibble on the market, I’ve ultimately decided on a raw meat w/bone diet for my dog!

The benefits include:

*no added, unnecessary and artificial ingredients like those found in kibble

*natural canine weight maintenance and management (dogs tend to stop eating when full unlike kibble)

*reduced/non existent doggy stomach bloating

*shinier, more luxurious coat

*happier, less depressed dog with more energy

*greater emotional/mental acuity for dog when eating a raw diet

*fresh food that expires soon will always be the best option for dogs- and humans!

Try a raw dog food diet for your dog and see the results!

Want to learn how to turn your love of dogs into money?

How to make money by dog sitting or dog walking, and turn it into a lucrative home business today.

Best dog friendly hotels with no pet fee + dog friendly camping & hiking strategies

Hotels/Motels with no Pet Fee

la quinta inn dog friendly no pet fee review*Motel 6
*Red Roof Inn
*La Quinta Inn

Hotels/Motels that are Dog friendly but require a Pet Fee

Remember, many pet-friendly hotels offer accommodations for anywhere from $15 – $30 per night. Some have a pet fee for the duration of the stay, and not by the day.

*Super 8
*Howard Johnson
*Holiday Inn Express
*Sheraton Inn and Suites
*4 Seasons

Sometimes (but not often) you can find hotels/motels not belonging to a big chain that will allow pets. It’s always best to call and confirm ahead of time. Additionally, offers information under “hotel details/fine print” on both their app and desktop version of their website letting you know if they are pet friendly or not. I’ve even found info from the reviewers comments saying a hotel was pet friendly when it was not expressly stated.

Best dog friendly hotels with no pet fee + dog friendly camping & hiking strategies

Need a website to help you find a dog friendly hotel?

Pet-Friendly Camping and Hiking Stategies

Your dog will love it when you take it camping and hiking. Many state parks in California will allow you to bring your dog camping and on the campsite itself, but will not allow you to take the dog outside of the campsite to go on a trail. Here’s a few ways to get around this.

*Sometimes a campsite has a “fire road” which is usually a paved road leading up the mountain for firefighters in the event of a mountain or forest fire, and they often allow you to take your dog for a walk on these roads.

*Another great strategy to finding dog-friendly trails is to look for a national park nearby the state park where you are camping. State and national parks are often located close together, and national parks often allow you to take your dog on the trail. National parks are a great place to get out and explore, and most of the time they allow you to simply park your car on the side of the road as long as it’s one full car-length away from the road for safety. Then, you can get out and take a walk in nature with Fido.

If you’re really feeling daring, you can duck out into the woods a half mile or so and set up your tent for some off-grid camping. It’s a lot of fun and it’s usually unlikely you’ll be caught or bothered by other campers at the usual overcrowded camp sites.

If you’re getting a traditional camping spot within a campsite, then one way to make the time more enjoyable (since dogs must remain on leash) is to tie a line from your car bumper or truck hitch to the picnic table at your campsite, then attach your dog’s leash to the line by means of a carabiner which is basically a latch that rock climbers use. Then your dog will have some mobility and not be restrained to a small area, while remaining on leash and not causing a problem for other campers!

Have fun and be safe! 🙂


Want to learn how to turn your love of dogs into money?

How to make money by dog sitting or dog walking, and turn it into a lucrative home business today. Customer Review

The Good and the Bad of


the Good

1. Logistics- using their app or website makes locating a dog sitter while traveling possible
2. Cheap- a 1-night stay for your dog can range from $20 – $50
3. Customer friendly- website and app are simple enough, and you can obtain insightful information about the various dog sitters on their site profiles as if you were just using facebook

the Bad

1. Lack of Transparency- can censor your negative comments about bad experiences with sitters, in order to protect their bottom line profits
2. Hit or miss- you never know how your Rover sitter will treat the dog or you as a customer
3. Safety concerns- because Rover uses inexperienced dog sitters, there’s no telling what could happen, if the sitter will be home supervising, if they will even feed and water the dog properly, or take on too many dogs thus creating a safety issue