How to Start Your Own Dog Sitting or Dog Walking Business from Home

start a dog sitting business from home to make extra moneyYou love dogs. And you love money. Shouldn’t you be able to love both?

Nowadays everyone is trying to find a way to make more money- especially how to make money from home. I know personally I have always been looking for opportunities like this since 2008 when I graduated college.

And now it’s become easier than ever. From Uber to, technology is making it possible for people to pick up extra bucks doing the things they enjoy, like watching dogs or taking leisurely walks to make extra money from home.

How Much Money Can Dog Sitters and Dog Walkers Make?

Many dog walkers and sitters do this as a full time job. They get a few customers and that quickly turns into a steady client base of regulars. It all depends on how many dogs you want to walk/sit a day and how much you charge. Most dog walkers charge between $10 – 20 per walk, and most dog sitters charge between $25 – 50 per night.

For many people this has quickly turned into a $30,000.00/year income, and that’s not the maximum earning potential either.

Why People Like Me Are Willing to Pay You Big Bucks to Watch My Dog

making extra money with a dog sitting or dog walking businessAs someone who used to travel 100% of the time with my dog, I quickly learned the value of a good dog sitter or doggy daycare. People like me will always need someone to watch their dog from time to time, and just like me, we are all willing to pay a premium price for the arrangement.

I recently took a trip to Malaysia and Singapore for 12 days, and spent over $200 for someone to watch my dog while I was gone, and that’s actually quite cheap because my dog sitter was in Southeast Asia too. But in America, you could realistically charge someone $300 – $400 for the job, as well as extra for food.

So just imagine, you love dogs and spending time with them, and now you get to make money from their company!

But of course, there’s some very important information that will help you do the job and get customers faster, which will mean more money sooner, and more fun with dogs as well. Most people don’t know the basics of starting their own dog sitting business or how to avoid the common problems, which is why I created this guide.

start a dog sitting business from home

“Move Over, Rover!” Will Help You:

*Learn how to use immediately to get your first dog sitting/dog walking customer in 30 days, or your money back.
*Start Off on the Right Foot with all the necessary, basic information that will ensure your dog sitting business gets off to massive success immediately without all the typical setbacks and challenges that new dog sitters and walkers face. While it’s relatively simple, it’s not always easy if you don’t know what you’re doing!
*Succeed and Make Money Fast- instead of waiting for business to come to you, learn the easiest ways to start attracting customers from your town with a few simple marketing tricks I have used in my own business. They work and you make more money, plus it’s super easy, so why wouldn’t you?

I remember showing my e-guide to some sitters who had an already massively successful dog sitting and dog walking business from their home. They were so blown away with the fact that I knew and understood the most important aspects of dog sitting and dog sitting safety- they thought they were reading something they had written themselves!

make money playing with dogsNormally this guide sells for $49, but because I know firsthand the value and importance of having qualified dog sitters available all around America, and because I’m aware of the real economic situation in the country, I lowered the price by 50% so that more people could have access to it right away.

I myself am an entrepreneur who works from home too, though I live in Asia now, and I care about helping others make more money, by helping others!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and if you don’t think this guide is for you after you buy it, simply send me an email requesting your money back within 30 days. This is how confident I am that you will completly love this guide and be thankful for your newfound ability to make an easy extra $250 – $1,000 per month within a few months, but only if you follow the guide!

Become a Dog Walker or Dog Sitter the Smart Way


start a dog sitting business from home

Ultimate Dog Sitting and Dog Walking Business Startup Guide

Remember, this is for people who love dogs, making their own money and being their own boss. If you follow the guide I know that you will attain success, but you have to take action and follow through- then you will see results quickly!

Can You Start Your Own Dog Sitting or Dog Walking Business by the End of the Week?

I have eliminated all the guesswork and given you a blueprint to rapid success and money, as well as protecting your operation medium and long-term from the common pitfalls many encounter along the way. My goal is to save you time, stress, and money lost over easy mistakes that many beginners make, all the while maximizing your earnings right out of the gate.

Other Benefits of Having a Dog Sitter/Walker Business

become a dog walker or dog sitter and make money*Recession-proof income – People will always need someone to watch/walk their dogs. There will always be people who to go to work and don’t want to leave their dog alone at home all day. There will always be people traveling and taking trips who need a dog sitter.

*Freedom – This can’t be stated enough. Instead of showing up to a job where your co-workers and boss make your life harder than what it needs to be, sitting in traffic during long commutes and wasting your life, you can be at home, or out walking in the beautiful spring air with the coolest people on Earth- dogs! Also, this is a great supplemental income for you if you already have a part-time job.

*Recurring income – Following our guide, you will build a loyal and regular client base relatively quickly, which means that you’ll start to have a nice, dependable income stream in a short amount of time.

Also, the original guide I produced had a picture of the logo on it, and’s lawyers sent me some threatening letters to remove it, as well as demanding to know how much money I had made from it, because they saw the value in it as well!

Good luck, and peace and love to all my human and furry friends out there!