Wag! Dog Walkers and Rover.com Sitters Share Similar Gripes with the Online Doggy Business

Wag! Dog Walker Reviews

Wag! is an online Dog Walking Service that connects dog owners to dog walkers for 30 minute walks of their furry little friends via an online app and website. During the walks, dog owners are able to monitor the location and progress of their dog’s journey while the walk is in progress.

Wag! is a great way for dog walkers to get in the game and start getting business immediately, but as always it comes with a catch. For instance, a Wag! walker can expect to give 30 – 40% of their paycheck back to Wag! for every dog they walk. This of course is a trade-off for getting those free customer leads.

The typical Wag! dog walker complaints

Wag dog walker reviewsAfter reviewing the Wag! reviews from dog walkers online, it seems that some serious problems have been repeated by several different dog walkers:

*Pay is not great after you have to give back practically half of what you make to them, sometimes up to 50%

*Wag! does not withhold taxes for you, and after you make $500, you’ll owe for taxes at the end of the year

*Wag! does not provide any insurance for you as a dog walker, so if you get injured or your apartment gets destroyed, good luck with that

*Employees that worked in their corporate offices said their pay was screwed up consistently and that the company was dishonest.

*Wag! walkers complain that there is no support from Wag! for dealing with customers. Some walkers have waited at the dog’s house for an hour without a key to get in, and no one would respond to them.

*Wag! walkers say the pay is inconsistent. This is likely due to the fact that it’s super competitive to find a dog walking gig, and the app will help the dog owner select a Wag! walker which may mean that you don’t get to have a regular, recurring and loyal dog walking customer base like we show you how to build here

Positive Things about Being a Wag! Dog Walker

*Some sitters have reported being able to make $400/week which is enough for a full-time income

*You get to make your own schedule and have a relatively independent operation

*You get to hang around dogs all day

*Wag! finds you business for you (but is not always consistent)

*Wag! app is fun and easy to use, and also helps you create a system by which you can walk dogs and create a positive customer experience, which you can then mimic in your own independent operation.

Final Word on Being a Wag! Dog Walker

If all you ever do is rely on their app, you could get lucky good or bad, which could mean, depending on where you live, being able to get plenty of business, or not being able to secure many dog walking gigs at all depending on the saturation of the dog walker pool in your area on Wag!

This is why it’s absolutely 100% crucial for you to NOT rely solely upon Wag! (or Rover.com) for all your dog walking business. This is exactly why it’s so important for you to start out with the thought, no- the promise- that you are going to use Wag! to get your initial business WHILE you create your own independent dog walking business that builds a regular, loyal, and amazing customer (and dog) base that will enable you to keep 100% of the money you make, while focusing on getting only the best, coolest dogs (and dog moms and dads) that you want to work with!

I show you how to do ALL of this with Move Over, Rover!

Please check it out and save yourself from hours of unnecessary frustration.

How Wag! dog walkers can get more dog walks, gigs and customers