Stop Your Dog’s Snoring! A Quick Checkup and Review of Your Dog’s Health

Be honest. Is this your dog?

While it’s extremely humorous on the surface when dogs or even people snore, it’s often a good idea to check and make sure that the snoring is not a sign of a larger, more problematic issue in your dog’s life or health.

That’s why today we’re going down our checklist of reasons why dogs snore so that you and your furry best friend can rest easier at night. Hopefully this way, the occasional canine snoring episode is nothing more than just that- occasional, and maybe even funny enough to make a YouTube or Facebook video to share with others.

Let’s get into it then…

Risk Factors for Your Dog Snoring

Stopping Dog Snoring During SleepThere are many potential causes of dog snoring, so let’s list some of them so that you can pinpoint any problem areas under you and your dog’s control that you can deal with and overcome them immediately.

*Breed of Dog: dogs with shorter air passages and flat noses can often encounter snoring more regularly… dogs like pugs, bulldogs and boston terriers, boxers, etc.

*Obstruction of the airway: though rare, your dog might have a toy or foreign object in his throat or sinuses blocking normal breathing

*Weight: Just like in humans, this is one of the biggest risk factors in your direct control as a dog owner that you can affect. Ensuring your dog is active and eating a healthy diet is going to be one of the biggest and best things to stop a dog from snoring.

*Allergies: Dogs can have allergies to their sleeping environment, as well as a continuing allergic reaction from a common type of mold found in grass and hay which can irritate your dog’s airways.

*Sleeping Position: Just like with people, the dog’s sleeping position is going to be a big factor. Dogs tend to bend into some pretty extreme positions and angles, which can restrict their throats and bronchial tubes.

*Drugs: Hopefully your dog is not on drugs or doing drugs behind your back (or without you!), but medication and even second hand smoke can have a drastic impact on your dog’s snoring problem. If you or your dog is a smoker, try stepping outside or at least not blowing smoke in your dog’s face.

How to Stop Your Dog’s Snoring Problem

1. Clean your house/apartment/car and wash your dog’s bedding/sleep area regularly.

exercise to stop dog snoring2. Research the best food to give your dog, and try to hit up a 30 minute walk daily with your fur baby.

3. Always be in tune to your dog’s state of being, if they ate something they shouldn’t have, or if they’re sneaking in cigarettes behind your back.

4. Try to relax yourself. If you’re making sure your dog is healthy and not overweight, actively exercising, then it’s going to be much better equipped to deal with any potential doggy snoring or sleep apnea.

We Hope You Enjoyed “Stop Your Dog’s Snoring! A Quick Checkup and Review of Your Dog’s Health”

It’s interesting to learn how similar dogs are to human beings when it comes to the causes of snoring according to Cope Ministries, so now could be the right time for you and your dog to stop snoring, together!