Raw Food Diet for Dogs Review: the Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat (with Bones)

raw meat and bone dog food diet reviewIf you are skeptical at feeding a dog uncooked raw meat and bones, answer the following question: how did dogs cook for themselves before humans came along?

Why I feed my dog a raw food diet

After much testing and feeding my dog even the best, most expensive kibble on the market, I’ve ultimately decided on a raw meat w/bone diet for my dog!

The benefits include:

*no added, unnecessary and artificial ingredients like those found in kibble

*natural canine weight maintenance and management (dogs tend to stop eating when full unlike kibble)

*reduced/non existent doggy stomach bloating

*shinier, more luxurious coat

*happier, less depressed dog with more energy

*greater emotional/mental acuity for dog when eating a raw diet

*fresh food that expires soon will always be the best option for dogs- and humans!

Try a raw dog food diet for your dog and see the results!

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