Best dog friendly hotels with no pet fee + dog friendly camping & hiking strategies

Hotels/Motels with no Pet Fee

la quinta inn dog friendly no pet fee review*Motel 6
*Red Roof Inn
*La Quinta Inn

Hotels/Motels that are Dog friendly but require a Pet Fee

Remember, many pet-friendly hotels offer accommodations for anywhere from $15 – $30 per night. Some have a pet fee for the duration of the stay, and not by the day.

*Super 8
*Howard Johnson
*Holiday Inn Express
*Sheraton Inn and Suites
*4 Seasons

Sometimes (but not often) you can find hotels/motels not belonging to a big chain that will allow pets. It’s always best to call and confirm ahead of time. Additionally, offers information under “hotel details/fine print” on both their app and desktop version of their website letting you know if they are pet friendly or not. I’ve even found info from the reviewers comments saying a hotel was pet friendly when it was not expressly stated.

Best dog friendly hotels with no pet fee + dog friendly camping & hiking strategies

Need a website to help you find a dog friendly hotel?

Pet-Friendly Camping and Hiking Stategies

Your dog will love it when you take it camping and hiking. Many state parks in California will allow you to bring your dog camping and on the campsite itself, but will not allow you to take the dog outside of the campsite to go on a trail. Here’s a few ways to get around this.

*Sometimes a campsite has a “fire road” which is usually a paved road leading up the mountain for firefighters in the event of a mountain or forest fire, and they often allow you to take your dog for a walk on these roads.

*Another great strategy to finding dog-friendly trails is to look for a national park nearby the state park where you are camping. State and national parks are often located close together, and national parks often allow you to take your dog on the trail. National parks are a great place to get out and explore, and most of the time they allow you to simply park your car on the side of the road as long as it’s one full car-length away from the road for safety. Then, you can get out and take a walk in nature with Fido.

If you’re really feeling daring, you can duck out into the woods a half mile or so and set up your tent for some off-grid camping. It’s a lot of fun and it’s usually unlikely you’ll be caught or bothered by other campers at the usual overcrowded camp sites.

If you’re getting a traditional camping spot within a campsite, then one way to make the time more enjoyable (since dogs must remain on leash) is to tie a line from your car bumper or truck hitch to the picnic table at your campsite, then attach your dog’s leash to the line by means of a carabiner which is basically a latch that rock climbers use. Then your dog will have some mobility and not be restrained to a small area, while remaining on leash and not causing a problem for other campers!

Have fun and be safe! 🙂


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