Man Makes $140,000 /yr Running a Dog Walking Business!

How Much Can Dog Walkers Make?

While I myself know dog walkers and sitters running a relatively low key and stress-free business from home as retirees, I was totally blown away to see this news story about a man in New York who makes a 6-figure income walking dogs.

While the gentleman says it’s by no means easy, he really loves making a lucrative income being around dogs and doing what he loves. This is incredibly motivating for people considering starting their own dog walking or dog sitting business.

It all depends on a simple formula:

Number of dogs to walk x price per walk x times per week = $$$

After this, to entice customers, you can build a plan of multiple walks per package deal, giving small discounts and incentives to get long-term business built into your plan. Also, customer loyalty cards which double as business cards can be a great idea for you as well.

Notice how, once you have daily customers and regulars, you will need to find employees of your own. Pretty soon you could be kicking your feet up on your desk or couch at home getting texts from your dog walker employees reporting back in saying “All is well.” while you enjoy a casual day in your pajamas.

Getting that First Customer as a Dog Walker is Big

As you can see in the video, he doesn’t do it all himself. He actually has about 26 employees at this point, which is exactly where you need to be if you want to earn 6 figures. The business owner makes the money and delegates most of the work to his employees which he has hand picked and trained to be version of himself.

This would no doubt take some time. But consider his clients and client base. Notice how his customers are regulars whose trust he’s gained through excellent and dependable service, building a rapport with each individual dog, and gradually expanding and scaling up.

No doubt he doesn’t feel the need to charge a discount rate for his services either. Because he’s a premium dog walker and business owner, he can charge whatever rate he wants to his happy and loyal client base.

This is why it’s so important to find more leads for your dog walking business.

Additional Resources for Starting a Dog Walking Business

It’s important that you start out with the will to succeed- and a solid plan. This is exactly why we’ve created “Move Over, Rover!”, a guide to starting your very own dog walking/dog sitting business from home. It requires very little startup investment capital, we give you immediate ways to start acquiring customers from the get-go, and we help you with some secrets and tips from our already successful online business that you can apply to maximize your earnings immediately.

This is why it’s now easier than ever to learn how to become a dog walker or dog sitter and to start making additional money, or if you play your cards right, a full-time income, all from home, on your schedule, on your time.

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