Customer Review

The Good and the Bad of


the Good

1. Logistics- using their app or website makes locating a dog sitter while traveling possible
2. Cheap- a 1-night stay for your dog can range from $20 – $50
3. Customer friendly- website and app are simple enough, and you can obtain insightful information about the various dog sitters on their site profiles as if you were just using facebook

the Bad

1. Lack of Transparency- can censor your negative comments about bad experiences with sitters, in order to protect their bottom line profits
2. Hit or miss- you never know how your Rover sitter will treat the dog or you as a customer
3. Safety concerns- because Rover uses inexperienced dog sitters, there’s no telling what could happen, if the sitter will be home supervising, if they will even feed and water the dog properly, or take on too many dogs thus creating a safety issue