Hang With My Dog for a Few Minutes Would Ya’?

Why Dog Days are #1

Dogs are the best people, it’s a clinical fact. Whether you’re out for a walk or just chilling cribside, dogs can turn an otherwise dull and grey day into a warm ray of furry sunshine. That’s why I wanted to upload this compilation video of my best friend Printz.

Printz is a rescue dog from Idyllwyld CA. He is likely around 5 years old at this time and the Marine veteran who gave him to me said he was a hound mix. I think you can see that he’s got some Beagle and Basset Hound in him as well as possibly some American Pitt Bull Terrier, Dalmation and Labrador.

Whatever Printz is, he’s the sweetest dang dog I know. He’s so sweet that you could put him in a bottle and you’d have something sweeter than Yoo Hoo. I hope you enjoyed this short video and that you can see how maybe dogs aren’t are whole lives, but they definitely make our lives whole 🙂

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