How to Make Extra Money from Home as a Dog Sitter

Benefits and Disadvantages of Being a Sitter


1. Easy to Start Making Money Immediately- as long as you spend a few hours making your profile look nice and inviting, showing people your house and backyard, and put up a happy picture of yourself, you should get your first business relatively quickly
2. Support from Rover- Rover offers 24-7 emergency vet care for accidents or sickness of animals staying in your custody
3. No Marketing Required- has already done all the work of marketing, so you just have to sit back and accept leads they send your way


1. Location is Key- If you live in a small town or a town that is not a destination city, you may not end up getting much business
2. is dishonest- can and will drop your profile from their search results to the very bottom if you get negative feedback from a customer. Also, masquerades as a nice company, but they have attempted to change your local government’s laws regarding dog sitting to benefit their bottom line.
3. All or Nothing- does not want you taking on any business aside from, so in other words they want you solely reliant upon them for getting customers, and will often monitor your communications with customers to ensure you’re not getting their business off the Rover radar. One day you could be getting lots of business, and the next, it all disappears. I know sitters on Rover to whom this has happened.

My advice? Use to get started making money immediately, and transition into your own independent dog sitting operation. I show you exactly how to do this here!

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Killer for Dogs and Cats- Is It Actually Safe?

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Killer

Frontline is a popular flea and tick killer for dogs and cats and it’s very effective. But the problem is, it’s too effective.

frontline plus for dogs reviewThe product has been known, along with many others that the EPA tested, to be fatal to some unfortunate dogs and cats tested in clinical trials. As usual, there is a spectrum of side effects so that even if your dog or cat does not immediately die, they can be changed drastically from their former happy selves.

My Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Killer Review

I tried Frontline because people I had met at dog parks recommended it along with people at PetSmart and other popular pet stores. I read the Amazon comments and saw that it was a highly rated product. I must have missed the negative reviews, because when I tried the product, I noticed some strange behavior from my beloved furry friend Printz.

Immediately my dog became lethargic, and I noticed when he was sleeping that he broke out into low grade seizures and tremors. I also felt strange myself after applying the product, becoming a bit nauseous, lightheaded, and my hands were tingling in the same way they would if I held my cell phone for an hour or 2 and looked at email or social media.

I went back and read the reviews and saw that yes indeed, seizures were a common side effect. I immediately stopped using the product and started looking for an alternative and natural flea and tick killer.

Diatomaceous Earth + Showers = Natural Flea and Tick Prevention

I got a DE based product like they offer at this bed bug killer website and applied it directly to the affected areas of my dog’s flea infestation, which I’m reasonably certain he picked up at a local doggy daycare. I brushed the white powdery DE through several times and gave the dog a few thorough showers, and I noticed the fleas reacted aggressively and frantically, because they must have realized they weren’t going to make it through the night.

All in all, using the DE was a safe method of getting rid of the fleas. I also avoided taking the dog back to the dog daycare facility where I was going regularly. One must be careful not to let your dog breathe in the DE directly, because while natural, can be harmful if breathed in too much.

Find something safe that works for you to stop fleas with your dog or cat

My final word is just be careful and look for reviews of negative reactions from other pet owners on when trying to find a good flea and tick killer. This way you can determine the worst case scenarios ahead of time. Many natural solutions do exist, but require a little more work. I think your best friend is worth it though, don’t you?

Take care and send your hound my love. 🙂


Want to learn how to turn your love of dogs into money?

How to make money by dog sitting or dog walking, and turn it into a lucrative home business today.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs Review: the Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat (with Bones)

raw meat and bone dog food diet reviewIf you are skeptical at feeding a dog uncooked raw meat and bones, answer the following question: how did dogs cook for themselves before humans came along?

Why I feed my dog a raw food diet

After much testing and feeding my dog even the best, most expensive kibble on the market, I’ve ultimately decided on a raw meat w/bone diet for my dog!

The benefits include:

*no added, unnecessary and artificial ingredients like those found in kibble

*natural canine weight maintenance and management (dogs tend to stop eating when full unlike kibble)

*reduced/non existent doggy stomach bloating

*shinier, more luxurious coat

*happier, less depressed dog with more energy

*greater emotional/mental acuity for dog when eating a raw diet

*fresh food that expires soon will always be the best option for dogs- and humans!

Try a raw dog food diet for your dog and see the results!

Want to learn how to turn your love of dogs into money?

How to make money by dog sitting or dog walking, and turn it into a lucrative home business today.

Best dog friendly hotels with no pet fee + dog friendly camping & hiking strategies

Hotels/Motels with no Pet Fee

la quinta inn dog friendly no pet fee review*Motel 6
*Red Roof Inn
*La Quinta Inn

Hotels/Motels that are Dog friendly but require a Pet Fee

Remember, many pet-friendly hotels offer accommodations for anywhere from $15 – $30 per night. Some have a pet fee for the duration of the stay, and not by the day.

*Super 8
*Howard Johnson
*Holiday Inn Express
*Sheraton Inn and Suites
*4 Seasons

Sometimes (but not often) you can find hotels/motels not belonging to a big chain that will allow pets. It’s always best to call and confirm ahead of time. Additionally, offers information under “hotel details/fine print” on both their app and desktop version of their website letting you know if they are pet friendly or not. I’ve even found info from the reviewers comments saying a hotel was pet friendly when it was not expressly stated.

Best dog friendly hotels with no pet fee + dog friendly camping & hiking strategies

Need a website to help you find a dog friendly hotel?

Pet-Friendly Camping and Hiking Stategies

Your dog will love it when you take it camping and hiking. Many state parks in California will allow you to bring your dog camping and on the campsite itself, but will not allow you to take the dog outside of the campsite to go on a trail. Here’s a few ways to get around this.

*Sometimes a campsite has a “fire road” which is usually a paved road leading up the mountain for firefighters in the event of a mountain or forest fire, and they often allow you to take your dog for a walk on these roads.

*Another great strategy to finding dog-friendly trails is to look for a national park nearby the state park where you are camping. State and national parks are often located close together, and national parks often allow you to take your dog on the trail. National parks are a great place to get out and explore, and most of the time they allow you to simply park your car on the side of the road as long as it’s one full car-length away from the road for safety. Then, you can get out and take a walk in nature with Fido.

If you’re really feeling daring, you can duck out into the woods a half mile or so and set up your tent for some off-grid camping. It’s a lot of fun and it’s usually unlikely you’ll be caught or bothered by other campers at the usual overcrowded camp sites.

If you’re getting a traditional camping spot within a campsite, then one way to make the time more enjoyable (since dogs must remain on leash) is to tie a line from your car bumper or truck hitch to the picnic table at your campsite, then attach your dog’s leash to the line by means of a carabiner which is basically a latch that rock climbers use. Then your dog will have some mobility and not be restrained to a small area, while remaining on leash and not causing a problem for other campers!

Have fun and be safe! 🙂


Want to learn how to turn your love of dogs into money?

How to make money by dog sitting or dog walking, and turn it into a lucrative home business today.

Where do bed bugs come from and where do they hide?

Remember the old saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite?” Did you ever wonder where they came from? These bugs can be visible to the naked eye but are rarely seen in well-lit areas. This is because they are used to being active in dark and damp places. They are usually active during the nighttime hours, especially before sunrise.

During the day, these cowards find places to hide because they instinctively run away when exposed to light. There are many places where they can hide so much time as they are areas where little to no light is present.

So where do bed bugs hide (during the day)?

bed bugs hiding in the carpetMany of them, including mature adults and baby nymphs, can be found in the creases or crevices of furniture. They also can be found in the plastic corner of a box spring, the mattresses’ seaming and behind the headboards.

Bed bugs can hide in your sofa, luggage, and even books! Look at photos and paintings that hang on the walls. They can also live in furniture that would be discarded or abandoned outdoors.

Furniture that is quite wet from precipitations could attract these bed bugs since they still live mostly damp spots. These Bed bugs don’t necessarily need to be found in beds. Because of their flat, small bodies, they can be found in even the tiniest crevices of your house.

Bed bugs love to hide in the carpet, in piles of clothes or on clothes you’re wearing, and they hide their infamous bed bug eggs in the seams of your mattress, or anywhere they can get away with dropping them off for a future hatch.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs come from almost anyplace that offers a fabric, dark place, or nearby waiting meal. The main reason we’re seeing so many bed bugs in today’s world is because DEET based insecticide was outlawed by the government due to health concerns.

Bed Bug Exterminators are Expert, but not Cheap

exterminator for bed bugsAn answer for many to the invasion issue is to call an expert bed bug exterminator. Experienced exterminators know where these pests stow away and will play out an “investigation” to check their quality. While some killing administrations can be costly, it is maybe the best way to guarantee that your living arrangement will be free from terrible pervasion.

Some home chemicals could also be used to kill bed bugs but can cause adverse health effects if misused. The key to getting rid of these bugs is to know where they are hiding.

If you are having difficulty finding any of them, consider looking for experts, to get rid of these annoying insects, or seek out a natural solution that guarantees you will soon learn how to get rid of bed bugs for good. Perhaps the most practical approach is to have a dog pinpoint all the hiding places so that they can be properly treated for a right.

Bed bugs are pros themselves when it comes to finding a hiding place. When spotted, they move fast. It is better to catch them quickly when in a dark place with a flashlight. While it may not be the best idea to be up at this time of day, the peak activity time for them is during the pre-dawn hours.

There’s a Place in France Where the Bed Bugs Love Your Pants

PUNAISES DE LIT paris au nice

Bed Bugs in Paris France Are Becoming a Huge Problem

In a time of dropping tourism in France due to fear of terror attacks and a sinking world economy, now France is having to deal with invaders of a different sort- bed bugs. Bed bugs are thought (not 100% correctly) to originate from tourists, but the truth is, they can be coming into the country through anyone traveling into the land.

So just how bad is the problem?

According to a recent report, over 200,000 homes in France are under attack by bed bugs. Recent information from entomology studies have found bed bugs are attracted to dirty clothes and laundry, preferring to hide in the hamper when you’re not at home and wait for their next meal.

Many French papers are blaming tourists, but not mentioning refugees as potential harbingers of bed bugs themselves. Many landlords are shelling out over 300 Euros just to stop a single apartment bed bug infestation, much to the dismay of property management companies and private individuals.

Some French have even taken to signing petitions to get local officials to do something about the bed bugs and mosquitoes in the town, but officials are hesitant to do anything about the rising bed bug issue.

What Can Parisians and the French do to stop “Punaises de Lit” (bed bugs)

Many in Paris have taken the advice that bed bugs don’t tolerate temperature extremes very well. So plenty of people are now either washing their clothes in extremely hot water, or putting their clothes in the freezer in their household appliances next to frozen meat and ice cream. Regardless of the method, waiting around seems to be no option dealing with this massive bed bug problem affecting all of Europe now.

The French will benefit from taking matters into their own hands whether that be the woman in her flat in Paris, or the Hotel owner with 20 rooms to care for. The government is clearly not going to do much for the problem, as it simply does not know where to begin. The common solution is to call an expensive exterminator and hit the bed bugs with heat treatments using high temperatures, or powerful chemical pesticides usually containing at best pyrethrin, or much worse and more dangerous substances.

Many people in France have seen a benefit from using the website Defensive End! the End to All Bed Bugs to get a 100% natural, safe, and affordable solution and treatment to kill bed bugs. Shipping times are extremely fast and teaming up with Diagard, Defensive End! promises results, fast.

Defensive End! is an economical bed bug solution that is safe for kids and pets that usually costs under 100 Euros in most cases to completely eliminate and prevent any future bed bug outbreaks in the home.

Get Rid of Bed bugs for Good, Naturally

Punaise de Lit Paris

Bed Bugs Help en Espanol Customer Review

The Good and the Bad of


the Good

1. Logistics- using their app or website makes locating a dog sitter while traveling possible
2. Cheap- a 1-night stay for your dog can range from $20 – $50
3. Customer friendly- website and app are simple enough, and you can obtain insightful information about the various dog sitters on their site profiles as if you were just using facebook

the Bad

1. Lack of Transparency- can censor your negative comments about bad experiences with sitters, in order to protect their bottom line profits
2. Hit or miss- you never know how your Rover sitter will treat the dog or you as a customer
3. Safety concerns- because Rover uses inexperienced dog sitters, there’s no telling what could happen, if the sitter will be home supervising, if they will even feed and water the dog properly, or take on too many dogs thus creating a safety issue

How City And Local Governments Are Dealing With Bed Bugs

bed bugs in suitcases from hotelsReports and studies indicate that the infamous and now less rare bed bug infestation is rapidly increasing across the world. In the United States the resurgence of bed bugs according to scientists is as a result of not using the proper pesticides and international immigration where foreigners from developing countries carry bed bugs into the country.

In order to properly control a bed bug infestation, it is important to understand the causes of the rapid infestation. Bed bugs are still spreading and increasing in the U.S hence there is a need to develop new effective insecticides as well as essential government legislation to eradicate this growing epidemic. Regardless of what has caused the resurgence of these primitive pests, everyone wants to know how local and city governments are dealing with the massive bed bug outbreak.

In 2009 a “Bed Bug Summit” was hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where government agents, public-health officials and pest control experts gathered to address the menace long before it was recently blown up by the media. Participants discussed several issues including the role of local governments in eradicating bed bug infestation as well as the need to conduct research on these bugs.

A senior EPA official recently said that most of the recommendations that were published after the summit are already in motion. Communication channels have been opened between inter-government agencies in a bid to solve the problem. Surprisingly, the department of defense has also been brought on board as the bed bug inter-agency task force according to the official.

Safe and Effective Natural Treatments for Bed Bugs

Sadly few government officials will ever recommend a completely natural solution made of freshwater amorphous silica or diatomaceous earth as shown on this website which is good for fleas, ants, roaches, and ticks too. You can even comb it through your dog’s fur, then give your dog a bath immediately after for super effective flea control!

The resurgence of bed bugs has also been attributed to changes in pest control methods. This is due to the assumption that bed bugs were controlled while controlling other insects at home such as cockroaches and ants. The senior official from the Environmental Protection Agency further said that research is being done in Washington by the Department of Agriculture along with other agencies such as the departments of Housing and Urban Development as well as that of Health and Human Services to help control the bed bug infestation.

Signs of Bed Bugs- Your Computer Has More than Just Digital Bugs

Some school districts have gone to the extent of quarantining electronics due to bed bugs. A student recently made a report saying that an insect was found in a computer issued by his school for a computer education class. The insect was later found to be a common bed bug leading to a quarantine of all devices in the school until the district ensures that they are all safe.

Bed Bug Prevention Laws Vary by State, but They Do Exist

In Chicago, a law was passed to help in the control of bedbugs that requires landlords to issue tenants a brochure with information on bed bugs after the signing of a lease. This law makes landlords and tenants share the duty in controlling and preventing bed bug infestation. In Illinois the bed bug menace is an isolated incident according to Kathy Wade, the director of Environmental Health at Macon health department.

Precautions are also being advised for travelers to avoid picking up bedbugs.

She says that the invasion by this small, flat and brown bug is widespread in this region including hotels, apartments and private residences. Bed bug infestation in this region is controlled by professional exterminators from the health department who deploy a series of treatments to deal with these bugs.

Red Ruff Inn Doggie Daycare, Boarding and Hotel Review

The Red Ruff Inn recently agreed to watch my dog for 3 months while on working vacation in Asia for a total of $2160. After week 3 an employee sent me an email saying the dog was losing weight. When I addressed this with the owner, she said the dog was being fed an amount 66% less than what he normally gets.

red ruff inn cheyenne reviewI told them to get their act together or face the consequences. I told them that they weren’t missing any meals themselves and that I had made the feeding instructions very clear at least 3x prior to and after dropping him off.

The Red Ruff Inn then decided to just dump my dog off at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter as a STRAY! Being on vacation I look at my email one day and it says they’ve “given me plenty of time to find someone else to watch my dog”.

And the Cheyenne Animal Shelter knowingly took the dog in out of protocol as a stray when I had informed them earlier what the Red Ruff Inn was up to. Looks like the hen peck mafia is strong in Cheyenne because it was all females making these decisions and breaking their word and the word of their organizations, covering for each other and allowing things to occur which were not truthful. Taking the dog in as a stray knowing full well it was a doggy daycare business just tossing a dog out screams unprofessionalism and lies all around.

They essentially took my dog to the shelter where there was a 2 week window before it becomes the shelter’s property and they give it up for adoption or euthanize it.

Ask yourself, would you want your beloved furry friend to be thrown in the garbage by a bunch of heartless scum that can’t keep their word or take your money for a commercial action which they advertise?

Would you want to worry about someone just dumping your dog on a shelter and you coming back from vacation to discover your dog is now owned by someone else, or put to sleep because Red Ruff Inn doesn’t value the lives of its clients or customers?

Red Ruff Inn Review

How to Start a business at home based around dogs

How to run a doggy daycare at home

Dog sitting business is a great business idea that you can consider when you do not have a large amount of capital. In this case, all you need to do is to make it a point to know exactly how to start a dog sitting business.

First, you have to accomplish a business plan, for how to start a dog boarding business; this means choosing areas where you will operate your business. You will also have to figure out how to start a dog walking business, at least for a start. This business is very simple; in fact, you can start it with your neighbors who do not have enough time to walk around with their dogs.

Doggie boarding business is easy now

You also have to decide what animals you can accommodate in your dog sitting business. This is also one main consideration that you can get when you are to search for essential facts about how to start an animal sitting venture.

Later on, you can also consider searching how to start your own dog and cat breeder pet business especially if you believe that you can handle some business expansion. Once you are experienced enough, this can be very easy on your part and this can be your stepping stone to gain more and more income or profit from the simple business that you have started.

There can also be several searches you can find about how to how to run a doggy daycare on various online sites. This way, you can get more ideas that will be very helpful on your part especially as a beginner in this business world. After all, you will need to be aware of the vital things that you should need to practice so you can efficiently handle your business. Once you are aware of the right things to do then you have fun while you are doing business and earning money.

Managing dog daycare business from home

It is an extremely intriguing occupation as you get the opportunity to deal with dogs and play with them. Something the vast majority can’t do because of their busy ways of life. In any case, amidst all the enjoyment, there a couple of things that you ought to deal with. You ought to ensure that the dog is dealt with, prepared and verified whether he has any sicknesses or ticks and so forth.

Additionally, a great many people would lean toward somebody who knows how to prepare dogs. So in case you’re paying special care to a dog sitting occupation then you’ll need to ensure that you know how to do this with a specific end goal to show signs of improvement openings.

Aside from this, you could likewise attempt and get into some dog daycare focus and work as a dog sitter for them. Such places are sprouting up wherever these days and it is anything but difficult to get in. Dog sitting business focuses have prepared staff that will deal with dog’s each need.

Such focuses are a genuine ecstasy for those of you who cherish dogs however, simply don’t have room schedule-wise to avoid work to take care its needs. Dog sitting business focuses offer some astounding administrations like preparing, washing furthermore dog preparing.