Red Ruff Inn Injures Dog, Gangs Up on Local Cheyenne WY Woman Who Loses Her Boyfriend Over the Ordeal

Red Ruff Inn Reviews that Tell a Different Story from their Website

Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne WY makes a lot of claims, namely that they have both happy pets and happy people. It must appear that way when the owner, Brittany, lobbies Yelp to remove negative reviews, when she’s not sending her army of backwoods twits to personally harass you. Just ask Holly, the most recent victim of Red Ruff Inn, who had to endure massive financial loss getting surgery for her dog after a stay at the Red Ruff Inn.

But it didn’t stop there. The Red Ruff Inn sent people out online to harass Holly on Yelp, and took it further than just the online realm. They contacted her boyfriend’s co-workers who then convinced the boyfriend to turn against Holly. Their relationship was severed over the ordeal with the horrible experience at a dog boarding facility in Cheyenne.

It is truly eye-opening to see the authoritarian scum you live among for the first time when they show their ugly faces. I know firsthand how bad the Red Ruff Inn is, I had my own nightmare experience with them when they dropped my dog off at the animal shelter while I was on vacation, halfway around the world.

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is not much better, as they accepted my dog into their facility even though it was not a stray. So that makes them complicit in this small-town petty but horrendous nonsense.

My dog and I left the United States of America in search of a better life. Imagine that. America used to be the place people actually wanted to live.

Pooching Around with Fido- Selecting the Best Dog Beds, Towels and Shampoos for Comfy K9 Home Life

dog bath onlineIt’s a lazy Sunday morning and you notice man’s best friend looking up at you signaling you in one of the many ways dogs communicate with their owners. Does your doggy want you to take him out for a stroll? Is he waiting for you to pull out leftovers from the refrigerator in hopes of snagging a bone from last night’s unfinished meal? Or maybe he just wants you to play with him, which could involve you chasing him around your home to retrieve one of your dress socks for work before it becomes just another victim of canine mischief.

Dogs will often let us know what they’re thinking and feeling with their eyes and non-verbal expressions, so let’s never forget this when it comes time to buy all the necessary dog things to which many pet owners often don’t give a second thought.

The next time you’re Pooching Around with your favorite hound, don’t forget to go online to pick up some creature comforts for your favorite 4-legged friend. Do a little research and it will pay off in the long run so you’re not just buying retail store environment solutions. In this digital age, you can discover a plethora of fine, natural products online that may be more suitable to your beloved pup.

What is the Best Shampoo for your Dog Anyway?

Dogs like to put up resistance when it’s time to shower and shave. Ok, so maybe they don’t shave. But they will often show reluctance at the thought of getting all wet and soapy, only to have to run around like a madman for 30 minutes after, attempting frantically to dry off on any surface resembling a fabric in your flat.

poof dog deoderantBut alas, just as we humans realize it, showering and bathing are necessary parts of life. So doesn’t it make sense to choose only the best shampoo for your dog? Well, if your dog just absolutely loathes water, you can take it a step further and consider a dry dog shampoo like Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray, which uses only natural ingredients. This way you could see some real odor elimination without having to put your dog into a fright.

Choosing the Right Dog Towels for Post-Shower Wellness

We think dogs are tough enough to deal with anything. After all, they were born with furry rugs of their own all over their bodies. While you may not have to worry about your dog having allergies to common materials such as cotton and polyster, you can optimize their drying-off experience with a relatively new and cutting edge technology known as micro-fiber when choosing the best dog towels.

microfiber dog towels ukMicro fiber, or micro fibre as they say in the UK, is a complex woven set of polyster strands that create a massively absorbent plane for water deflection and elimination. Many advanced cleaning supplies use micro fibers so consider a shammy or towel made of micro-fibre to speed up the drying process for your dog.

What Google says about Microfiber:

Sheets made of microfiber-fabric composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester-are affordable and soft, and they resist pilling more than traditional polyester fabric does. However, polyester is less breathable than cotton and is probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin.

At the End of a Hard Day, your Dog Deserves a Soft Bed

Some people don’t like their dogs sleeping in the same beds with them. Not to worry, because luckily there are affordable options that allow Fido to get some much needed rest without sacrificing comfort.

best dog bed for your dog onlineMany dog beds will cost anywhere from 20 – 50 GBP and even a cheaper one will satisfy your pet. However, just know that during times of frustration your dog may start to chew up his bed, so just watch for this behavior.

When buying the best dog bed online it’s important to check the reviews, but also look for a model with a raised edge design around 3/4 of the dog bed itself. This is because dogs love to curl up when they sleep, and the raised edge of the bed allows them to comfortably position themselves in a furry little ball to which they’re accustomed.

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