How to Make Extra Money from Home as a Dog Sitter

Benefits and Disadvantages of Being a Sitter


1. Easy to Start Making Money Immediately- as long as you spend a few hours making your profile look nice and inviting, showing people your house and backyard, and put up a happy picture of yourself, you should get your first business relatively quickly
2. Support from Rover- Rover offers 24-7 emergency vet care for accidents or sickness of animals staying in your custody
3. No Marketing Required- has already done all the work of marketing, so you just have to sit back and accept leads they send your way


1. Location is Key- If you live in a small town or a town that is not a destination city, you may not end up getting much business
2. is dishonest- can and will drop your profile from their search results to the very bottom if you get negative feedback from a customer. Also, masquerades as a nice company, but they have attempted to change your local government’s laws regarding dog sitting to benefit their bottom line.
3. All or Nothing- does not want you taking on any business aside from, so in other words they want you solely reliant upon them for getting customers, and will often monitor your communications with customers to ensure you’re not getting their business off the Rover radar. One day you could be getting lots of business, and the next, it all disappears. I know sitters on Rover to whom this has happened.

My advice? Use to get started making money immediately, and transition into your own independent dog sitting operation. I show you exactly how to do this here!

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