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The Good and the Bad of


the Good

1. Logistics- using their app or website makes locating a dog sitter while traveling possible
2. Cheap- a 1-night stay for your dog can range from $20 – $50
3. Customer friendly- website and app are simple enough, and you can obtain insightful information about the various dog sitters on their site profiles as if you were just using facebook

the Bad

1. Lack of Transparency- can censor your negative comments about bad experiences with sitters, in order to protect their bottom line profits
2. Hit or miss- you never know how your Rover sitter will treat the dog or you as a customer
3. Safety concerns- because Rover uses inexperienced dog sitters, there’s no telling what could happen, if the sitter will be home supervising, if they will even feed and water the dog properly, or take on too many dogs thus creating a safety issue

2 thoughts on “ Customer Review”

  1. I really try not to complain or give bad reviews. But after a few weeks of this stewing in my head, I decided I have to warn other doggie parents.
    Ever used the dog watching/walking app I would suggest you dont or you stop. I found a sitter that I really, really liked. I booked her multiple times on the app. However, the last time my dogs were there, my poor Monty was bit by another dog. On the eye. This is in NO way the sitters fault.
    After taking Monty to the doggie ER because his eye was bleeding, they said the bite went through all three eyelids and were concerned that it hit his cornea. However, due to the extremely bad infection they couldnt tell until that was taken care of. So off we went with some meds for my pup. Needless to say, I was devastated.
    Then Rover contacted me and said they would pay for the medical expenses within a 30 day period. Somewhere there must have been some miscommunication, because I was under the impression that because this was going to need time to be properly diagnosed they were going to pay it all minus the $250 deductible. (They also claim to have premium insurance.) This was GREAT news. I took Monty in for a follow up. His eye was still bleeding, only it was on the inside and not draining. My vet recommended I take him to a doggie oncologist. I did, and they said he had an ulcer that needed to be taken care of before she could tell what the damage is. I went home with more meds. A few weeks later we had a follow up appt and sure enough, he was blind in his left eye due to retinal disconnection from the dog bite. From the day of the injury until the discovery of his official blindness, was just over a month. So reimbursed me the costs within the 30 days and denied my costs outside the month window. There may be more costs in the future depending on if his eye bulges and pain level, his eye may need to be removed. In my opinion, this is flat out wrong. Some may think otherwise, but Monty is my fur-baby, hes my first born. I treat my dogs like they are a part of the family. Now due to an injury he got while under the care of a rover sitter he is permanently blind in his eye and Im expected to pay for the rest of the medical expenses accrued due to this dog bite. Not cool.

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