Red Ruff Inn Doggie Daycare, Boarding and Hotel Review

The Red Ruff Inn recently agreed to watch my dog for 3 months while on working vacation in Asia for a total of $2160. After week 3 an employee sent me an email saying the dog was losing weight. When I addressed this with the owner, she said the dog was being fed an amount 66% less than what he normally gets.

red ruff inn cheyenne reviewI told them to get their act together or face the consequences. I told them that they weren’t missing any meals themselves and that I had made the feeding instructions very clear at least 3x prior to and after dropping him off.

The Red Ruff Inn then decided to just dump my dog off at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter as a STRAY! Being on vacation I look at my email one day and it says they’ve “given me plenty of time to find someone else to watch my dog”.

And the Cheyenne Animal Shelter knowingly took the dog in out of protocol as a stray when I had informed them earlier what the Red Ruff Inn was up to. Looks like the hen peck mafia is strong in Cheyenne because it was all females making these decisions and breaking their word and the word of their organizations, covering for each other and allowing things to occur which were not truthful. Taking the dog in as a stray knowing full well it was a doggy daycare business just tossing a dog out screams unprofessionalism and lies all around.

They essentially took my dog to the shelter where there was a 2 week window before it becomes the shelter’s property and they give it up for adoption or euthanize it.

Ask yourself, would you want your beloved furry friend to be thrown in the garbage by a bunch of heartless scum that can’t keep their word or take your money for a commercial action which they advertise?

Would you want to worry about someone just dumping your dog on a shelter and you coming back from vacation to discover your dog is now owned by someone else, or put to sleep because Red Ruff Inn doesn’t value the lives of its clients or customers?

Red Ruff Inn Review