Review: Why Endura Flap Dog Doors Are the Best in Class

single flap affordable easy to install endura flap dog door reviewSo you’ve become your dog’s hero by deciding to get a dog door to allow more freedom of movement for Fido when he needs to do his 1s and 2s in the backyard, go outside and play when he wants to, and just all-around be his own dog… and for this amazing move, your furry best friend and I both salute you.

The benefits of getting a dog door are numerous: improving the quality of your dog’s life, giving both you and your dog more freedom, and preventing your dog from peeing on your carpet or furniture, just to name a few.

When choosing a dog door, first you are going to need to decide where you will install it and what type of pet door to get. There are pet doors for sliding glass doors (which often require little to no installation or modification), pet doors for regular doors, and pet doors for walls.

dog doors for sliding glass doors

Fortunately, the Endura Flap has you covered in all scenarios.

The Perfect Dog’s Review of Endura Flap Pet Doors

So, what makes the Endura Flap stand out among other pet doors in its class?

First of all, it’s one of the most durable pet doors available. At the Endura Flap factory, an Endura Flap pet door was tested with a machine that would open and shutter the pet door back and forth to see how many times it could open and shut before it broke down. They were able to perform this action over 3,000,000 times before the door failed.

This is an astounding number, and guaranteed to last the life of multiple dogs. If your dog used the Endura Flap 100 times a day, it would take 80 years before the door stopped working. The fact that it’s made in the USA is just the icing on the cake, knowing that you’re providing jobs for American businesses and workers.

endura flap pet door reviewEndura Flap doors are great for young, old, big or small dogs because it has a lower step-over height for entry and exit.

In addition, the door is designed in such a way that if the dog makes a sudden move in reverse while going through, the flexible flap’s solid, smooth bottom magnet strip rolls right off your dog’s back, preventing injury.

Endura Flap vs. Typical Dog and Other Pet Doors

The typical flap on a doggy door is usually soft vinyl or rubber, which means it expands at the top and the tensile strength of the material eventually wears out over time, causing it to tear open at the top and either fail completely or make a hole that lets the outside weather and bugs in.

Additionally, dogs will often pick one side of the dog door flap for regular entry and exit, causing uneven wear and tear on just one side, which eventually causes warping and bowing of the flap and dysfunction of the overall door after a few years.

The Endura Flap model solves these 2 problems by using a hinge at the top and by employing magnets along the sides of the flap and the bottom as well. The bottom of the pet door’s frame also has a magnet that comes up to meet the flap, which is why at first notice the flap does not seem to be as wide as the hole.

Because it’s not vinyl and can withstand temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, it will remain flexible unlike vinyl flaps which can become rigid at temperatures well above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, while the flap seems like it might be rigid because of the three cross supports going up the flap, it is actually quite flexible, and the cross supports are just there to ensure that repeated use does not compromise the integrity of any isolated section of the flap or cause it to collapse in the center.

fancy magazine editors choice for best dog doorThe dual pane flaps are actually thicker than dual pane glass, so in reality you have about 4 layers of separation from the elements!

And yet, the material is safe, non toxic, and recyclable, unlike vinyl.

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Endura Flap Stands Up to Severe Weather and Cuts Energy, Heating and Cooling Costs

Of course one of the main reasons people get a dog or pet door in the first place is to avoid always having to open or close the door to let the dog out in the middle of the night and let the freezing cold air in.

And this is why there are 2 versions, the double flap version and the single flap.

single vs double flap endura flap pet doors
The double flap version has 2 flaps separated by a few inches of space, and each flap is about 3/4 inches thick, thus creating a high amount of insulation between the inside of your home and the outside world. The double flap version is recommended for areas with extreme climates and for doors of larger thickness. However, even doors of lesser thickness can be built up to house a double flap model.

However, don’t think that the single flap version does not cut it when it comes to dealing with bad weather conditions. In a test of the medium size single flap model it was able to endure wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. But the single flap is ideal for doors of lesser thickness and more moderate climates.

Endura Flap Pet Doors and Home Security

locking cover for endura flap dog doors

In addition to this both models comes with locking covers that ensure no unwanted critters enter your residence, or when you just want lock everything down for a trip out of town. The locking covers are heavy duty Dimensional ABS plastic, but have the equivalent strength of 1/16th inches of steel!

The Downsides of the Endura Flap Door

No pet door is perfect, so we’ll give the 2 negatives we found in the Endura Flap dog doors.

The 1st is the color. It only comes in white, so if you have a darker door then the default white color might be off-putting for the aesthetics of your home. However, if it’s in the backyard and you don’t care, then it won’t be a problem. One work-around for this is that you can paint the Endura Flap frame and the flap the same color as the door and it fixes this completely.

The reason white was chosen was to prevent the usual fading of darker colors that can happen with repeated direct sun exposure, so there was a lot of thought put into the default color of Endura Flap to keep the product looking new year in and year out. Additionally, the door is treated with a UV protectant to keep sunlight from affecting its tensile strength over many hot, sunny days.

The 2nd issue with the Endura Flap pet door is the noise factor. Because it is such a heavy duty dog door and uses magnets to create a solid seal whenever the door closes, it creates some noise. This is not a problem if your doggy door is being installed in your back door, or maybe the door near your living or family room, but you may not want to install it in your bedroom door going out to the yard.

Unless of course, you are a heavy sleeper or don’t mind a little noise.

We ultimately don’t see the noise as being a problem or a factor that should prevent you from considering it among the top pet doors on the market. Winner of the Fancy Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award, we think you’ll find the Endura Flap Dog Door a good value for years to come, and your dog will appreciate having more independence with potty time.

For installation, it is recommended that you hire a contactor if you have any concerns with potentially ruining your door or wall. The money and time saved in the long run hiring a professional to do this might cost an extra buck or two, but will save you massive headaches and trips to Home Depot or Lowes picking out a new door!

However, for those who insist on DIY, here are some instructions on how to install an Endura Flap Dog Door!

How to Install an Endura Flap Dog Door

To install an Endura Flap Pet Door you’re going to need the following tools:

*safety equipment
*saw drill with long drill bit
*hand drill
*torpedo level
*long level
*tape measure
*a hammer with a wood block

Stop Your Dog’s Snoring! A Quick Checkup and Review of Your Dog’s Health

Be honest. Is this your dog?

While it’s extremely humorous on the surface when dogs or even people snore, it’s often a good idea to check and make sure that the snoring is not a sign of a larger, more problematic issue in your dog’s life or health.

That’s why today we’re going down our checklist of reasons why dogs snore so that you and your furry best friend can rest easier at night. Hopefully this way, the occasional canine snoring episode is nothing more than just that- occasional, and maybe even funny enough to make a YouTube or Facebook video to share with others.

Let’s get into it then…

Risk Factors for Your Dog Snoring

Stopping Dog Snoring During SleepThere are many potential causes of dog snoring, so let’s list some of them so that you can pinpoint any problem areas under you and your dog’s control that you can deal with and overcome them immediately.

*Breed of Dog: dogs with shorter air passages and flat noses can often encounter snoring more regularly… dogs like pugs, bulldogs and boston terriers, boxers, etc.

*Obstruction of the airway: though rare, your dog might have a toy or foreign object in his throat or sinuses blocking normal breathing

*Weight: Just like in humans, this is one of the biggest risk factors in your direct control as a dog owner that you can affect. Ensuring your dog is active and eating a healthy diet is going to be one of the biggest and best things to stop a dog from snoring.

*Allergies: Dogs can have allergies to their sleeping environment, as well as a continuing allergic reaction from a common type of mold found in grass and hay which can irritate your dog’s airways.

*Sleeping Position: Just like with people, the dog’s sleeping position is going to be a big factor. Dogs tend to bend into some pretty extreme positions and angles, which can restrict their throats and bronchial tubes.

*Drugs: Hopefully your dog is not on drugs or doing drugs behind your back (or without you!), but medication and even second hand smoke can have a drastic impact on your dog’s snoring problem. If you or your dog is a smoker, try stepping outside or at least not blowing smoke in your dog’s face.

How to Stop Your Dog’s Snoring Problem

1. Clean your house/apartment/car and wash your dog’s bedding/sleep area regularly.

exercise to stop dog snoring2. Research the best food to give your dog, and try to hit up a 30 minute walk daily with your fur baby.

3. Always be in tune to your dog’s state of being, if they ate something they shouldn’t have, or if they’re sneaking in cigarettes behind your back.

4. Try to relax yourself. If you’re making sure your dog is healthy and not overweight, actively exercising, then it’s going to be much better equipped to deal with any potential doggy snoring or sleep apnea.

We Hope You Enjoyed “Stop Your Dog’s Snoring! A Quick Checkup and Review of Your Dog’s Health”

It’s interesting to learn how similar dogs are to human beings when it comes to the causes of snoring according to Cope Ministries, so now could be the right time for you and your dog to stop snoring, together!

The Good Hound Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Hiking and Walking – Review

hands free dog leash reviewThere’s a new dog in town: a retractable hands free dog leash for running, which attaches easily to your waist and clips to a belt, and it happens to be one of the hottest items on Amazon this year. That’s because every day more people are realizing the value in getting out there and exercising with their dogs, and because The Good Hound has released a no pull retractable hands free leash for large or small dogs.

This Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash Will Get You Walking, and Running… and Jogging… and Camping… and Hiking

The Good Hound Black Hands Free Dog Leash for Hiking Running and Walking for Small and Large Dogs

Benefits of Hands Free Dog Leashes for You (and Your Dog)

1) It’s great having an extra hand so that you can perform tasks and motions more freely, but it can also help if you ever need to pick your dog up with 2 hands especially if a group of aggressive dogs approach.

(Perfect Dog Tip: Most of the time hostile dogs are mainly interested in your dog, and will often become confused when they see you pick your dog up thus effectively separating them, and since most dogs are fairly tolerant of humans and even strangers to begin with, they are usually more focused on your dog than you, only now they don’t know how to get to your dog.)

The Good Hound Amazon Dog Supplies and Products2)  A waist securing system/type dog leash helps prevent you from dropping the leash and your dog getting away, running out into the street to chase a squirrel; while it frees up your energy and arms to enjoy the walk or hike more.

3) The leash belt attachment automatically glides and adjusts to your dog’s positioning so that it does not tangle. The usual tugs and pulls from an unruly dog will be diffused through the bungee cord leash, and it will actually train your dog to realize that trying to bolt away from you is not only not the best idea, it simply won’t work any more!

Ultimate Adjustable Hands Free Dog Leash Review

The Good Hound hands-free leash for large or small dogs features:

hands free dog leash for running hiking walking small and large dogs

*high quality, heavy duty durable material and stitching that will last for many years

*solid black with attractive green stripe for high visibility and style, long leash perfect for all size dogs

*no pull retractable bungee based leash technology that lowers your center of gravity down to your waist, making it hard for your dog to tug or pull you in any given direction, while reducing the tension from sudden movements of your dog

**Free Bonus**

*Free lightweight detachable clip-on dog poop bag holder that attaches to the hands free leash belt, so you will always be able to clean up after your dog goes potty during a run or a hike

The Good Hound Hands Free Dog Leash with FREE Poop Bag Holder review

We think after using a dog leash for running that frees up your hands so you can more intensely engage in the exercise, you will see the many benefits- like learning to run in step with your dog and eliminating him or her from pulling or jerking you while jogging or running on the trail.

Additionally, if you travel a lot, it’s good to have your dog attached to you at your waist through a belt mechanism while you carry bags and check into hotels.

no pull hands free dog leash for dog training

Check out the Good Hound Hands Free Dog Leash For Running sometime and read other online hands free dog leash reviews to see if it’s right for you.

Red Ruff Inn Injures Dog, Gangs Up on Local Cheyenne WY Woman Who Loses Her Boyfriend Over the Ordeal

Red Ruff Inn Reviews that Tell a Different Story from their Website

Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne WY makes a lot of claims, namely that they have both happy pets and happy people. It must appear that way when the owner, Brittany, lobbies Yelp to remove negative reviews, when she’s not sending her army of backwoods twits to personally harass you. Just ask Holly, the most recent victim of Red Ruff Inn, who had to endure massive financial loss getting surgery for her dog after a stay at the Red Ruff Inn.

But it didn’t stop there. The Red Ruff Inn sent people out online to harass Holly on Yelp, and took it further than just the online realm. They contacted her boyfriend’s co-workers who then convinced the boyfriend to turn against Holly. Their relationship was severed over the ordeal with the horrible experience at a dog boarding facility in Cheyenne.

It is truly eye-opening to see the authoritarian scum you live among for the first time when they show their ugly faces. I know firsthand how bad the Red Ruff Inn is, I had my own nightmare experience with them when they dropped my dog off at the animal shelter while I was on vacation, halfway around the world.

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is not much better, as they accepted my dog into their facility even though it was not a stray. So that makes them complicit in this small-town petty but horrendous nonsense.

My dog and I left the United States of America in search of a better life. Imagine that. America used to be the place people actually wanted to live.

Pooching Around with Fido- Selecting the Best Dog Beds, Towels and Shampoos for Comfy K9 Home Life

dog bath onlineIt’s a lazy Sunday morning and you notice man’s best friend looking up at you signaling you in one of the many ways dogs communicate with their owners. Does your doggy want you to take him out for a stroll? Is he waiting for you to pull out leftovers from the refrigerator in hopes of snagging a bone from last night’s unfinished meal? Or maybe he just wants you to play with him, which could involve you chasing him around your home to retrieve one of your dress socks for work before it becomes just another victim of canine mischief.

Dogs will often let us know what they’re thinking and feeling with their eyes and non-verbal expressions, so let’s never forget this when it comes time to buy all the necessary dog things to which many pet owners often don’t give a second thought.

The next time you’re Pooching Around with your favorite hound, don’t forget to go online to pick up some creature comforts for your favorite 4-legged friend. Do a little research and it will pay off in the long run so you’re not just buying retail store environment solutions. In this digital age, you can discover a plethora of fine, natural products online that may be more suitable to your beloved pup.

What is the Best Shampoo for your Dog Anyway?

Dogs like to put up resistance when it’s time to shower and shave. Ok, so maybe they don’t shave. But they will often show reluctance at the thought of getting all wet and soapy, only to have to run around like a madman for 30 minutes after, attempting frantically to dry off on any surface resembling a fabric in your flat.

poof dog deoderantBut alas, just as we humans realize it, showering and bathing are necessary parts of life. So doesn’t it make sense to choose only the best shampoo for your dog? Well, if your dog just absolutely loathes water, you can take it a step further and consider a dry dog shampoo like Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray, which uses only natural ingredients. This way you could see some real odor elimination without having to put your dog into a fright.

Choosing the Right Dog Towels for Post-Shower Wellness

We think dogs are tough enough to deal with anything. After all, they were born with furry rugs of their own all over their bodies. While you may not have to worry about your dog having allergies to common materials such as cotton and polyster, you can optimize their drying-off experience with a relatively new and cutting edge technology known as micro-fiber when choosing the best dog towels.

microfiber dog towels ukMicro fiber, or micro fibre as they say in the UK, is a complex woven set of polyster strands that create a massively absorbent plane for water deflection and elimination. Many advanced cleaning supplies use micro fibers so consider a shammy or towel made of micro-fibre to speed up the drying process for your dog.

What Google says about Microfiber:

Sheets made of microfiber-fabric composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester-are affordable and soft, and they resist pilling more than traditional polyester fabric does. However, polyester is less breathable than cotton and is probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin.

At the End of a Hard Day, your Dog Deserves a Soft Bed

Some people don’t like their dogs sleeping in the same beds with them. Not to worry, because luckily there are affordable options that allow Fido to get some much needed rest without sacrificing comfort.

best dog bed for your dog onlineMany dog beds will cost anywhere from 20 – 50 GBP and even a cheaper one will satisfy your pet. However, just know that during times of frustration your dog may start to chew up his bed, so just watch for this behavior.

When buying the best dog bed online it’s important to check the reviews, but also look for a model with a raised edge design around 3/4 of the dog bed itself. This is because dogs love to curl up when they sleep, and the raised edge of the bed allows them to comfortably position themselves in a furry little ball to which they’re accustomed.

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ZZ Snore and Asonor- Popular Stop Snoring Products that Do Cruel Animal Testing on Greyhounds

For more information on ZZ Snore and Asonor read this review

Companies that Do Animal Testing

companies that do animal testing

Estée Lauder.
Makeup Forever.
Victoria’s Secret.

Here is a list of many companies that do animal testing

Companies that Don’t Do Animal Testing

these companies don't test on animals

Here is a list of companies that don’t do animal testing

Dog Walking and Dog Sitting Tips from the Professionals

Tips from a Pro Dog Walker

*Be calm, be assertive when walking your dog.

*Always remember to pick up their poopy business along the way. Pack doggy doo bags.

*Don’t let the dog immediately going into sniffing/peeing/marking as soon as you step outside. Let the dog start taking care of business within 5 – 10 minutes of starting the walk. This lets the dog know that the walk is truly about the walk, and that you are in control.

*Don’t feed a dog’s nervous or over anxious energy by letting them pull you on the leash. Simply stop if they are pulling, and then resume the walk when they are ready to behave.

*Remember that your personal energy state will often transfer to the dog as well.

*If the dog is jumping on you, it may just mean that it’s excited. When the dog goes to jump at you, simply step to the side and shift your body away so that it knows you’re not receptive to this behavior.

Dog Sitting Tips

Dog sitting is not that different from dog walking when it comes to strategy. It just requires love, patience, and the will to spend time with a furry friend.

Basically, the most important thing: Know Thy Dog. Dogs will pick up on and match your energy, and sometimes dogs will even mirror your personality!

Dog Walking Tips and Resources

Remember that you can spend weeks and months of trial and error trying to perfect your dog walking or dog sitting business, or you can simply fast track your success by relying on the already proven successful Move Over, Rover! Guide to Starting your own Dog Walking or Dog Sitting Business from Home.

From websites to simple marketing, to building a loyal client base, we’ve got you covered!

Wag! Dog Walkers and Sitters Share Similar Gripes with the Online Doggy Business

Wag! Dog Walker Reviews

Wag! is an online Dog Walking Service that connects dog owners to dog walkers for 30 minute walks of their furry little friends via an online app and website. During the walks, dog owners are able to monitor the location and progress of their dog’s journey while the walk is in progress.

Wag! is a great way for dog walkers to get in the game and start getting business immediately, but as always it comes with a catch. For instance, a Wag! walker can expect to give 30 – 40% of their paycheck back to Wag! for every dog they walk. This of course is a trade-off for getting those free customer leads.

The typical Wag! dog walker complaints

Wag dog walker reviewsAfter reviewing the Wag! reviews from dog walkers online, it seems that some serious problems have been repeated by several different dog walkers:

*Pay is not great after you have to give back practically half of what you make to them, sometimes up to 50%

*Wag! does not withhold taxes for you, and after you make $500, you’ll owe for taxes at the end of the year

*Wag! does not provide any insurance for you as a dog walker, so if you get injured or your apartment gets destroyed, good luck with that

*Employees that worked in their corporate offices said their pay was screwed up consistently and that the company was dishonest.

*Wag! walkers complain that there is no support from Wag! for dealing with customers. Some walkers have waited at the dog’s house for an hour without a key to get in, and no one would respond to them.

*Wag! walkers say the pay is inconsistent. This is likely due to the fact that it’s super competitive to find a dog walking gig, and the app will help the dog owner select a Wag! walker which may mean that you don’t get to have a regular, recurring and loyal dog walking customer base like we show you how to build here

Positive Things about Being a Wag! Dog Walker

*Some sitters have reported being able to make $400/week which is enough for a full-time income

*You get to make your own schedule and have a relatively independent operation

*You get to hang around dogs all day

*Wag! finds you business for you (but is not always consistent)

*Wag! app is fun and easy to use, and also helps you create a system by which you can walk dogs and create a positive customer experience, which you can then mimic in your own independent operation.

Final Word on Being a Wag! Dog Walker

If all you ever do is rely on their app, you could get lucky good or bad, which could mean, depending on where you live, being able to get plenty of business, or not being able to secure many dog walking gigs at all depending on the saturation of the dog walker pool in your area on Wag!

This is why it’s absolutely 100% crucial for you to NOT rely solely upon Wag! (or for all your dog walking business. This is exactly why it’s so important for you to start out with the thought, no- the promise- that you are going to use Wag! to get your initial business WHILE you create your own independent dog walking business that builds a regular, loyal, and amazing customer (and dog) base that will enable you to keep 100% of the money you make, while focusing on getting only the best, coolest dogs (and dog moms and dads) that you want to work with!

I show you how to do ALL of this with Move Over, Rover!

Please check it out and save yourself from hours of unnecessary frustration.

How Wag! dog walkers can get more dog walks, gigs and customers

Man Makes $140,000 /yr Running a Dog Walking Business!

How Much Can Dog Walkers Make?

While I myself know dog walkers and sitters running a relatively low key and stress-free business from home as retirees, I was totally blown away to see this news story about a man in New York who makes a 6-figure income walking dogs.

While the gentleman says it’s by no means easy, he really loves making a lucrative income being around dogs and doing what he loves. This is incredibly motivating for people considering starting their own dog walking or dog sitting business.

It all depends on a simple formula:

Number of dogs to walk x price per walk x times per week = $$$

After this, to entice customers, you can build a plan of multiple walks per package deal, giving small discounts and incentives to get long-term business built into your plan. Also, customer loyalty cards which double as business cards can be a great idea for you as well.

Notice how, once you have daily customers and regulars, you will need to find employees of your own. Pretty soon you could be kicking your feet up on your desk or couch at home getting texts from your dog walker employees reporting back in saying “All is well.” while you enjoy a casual day in your pajamas.

Getting that First Customer as a Dog Walker is Big

As you can see in the video, he doesn’t do it all himself. He actually has about 26 employees at this point, which is exactly where you need to be if you want to earn 6 figures. The business owner makes the money and delegates most of the work to his employees which he has hand picked and trained to be version of himself.

This would no doubt take some time. But consider his clients and client base. Notice how his customers are regulars whose trust he’s gained through excellent and dependable service, building a rapport with each individual dog, and gradually expanding and scaling up.

No doubt he doesn’t feel the need to charge a discount rate for his services either. Because he’s a premium dog walker and business owner, he can charge whatever rate he wants to his happy and loyal client base.

This is why it’s so important to find more leads for your dog walking business.

Additional Resources for Starting a Dog Walking Business

It’s important that you start out with the will to succeed- and a solid plan. This is exactly why we’ve created “Move Over, Rover!”, a guide to starting your very own dog walking/dog sitting business from home. It requires very little startup investment capital, we give you immediate ways to start acquiring customers from the get-go, and we help you with some secrets and tips from our already successful online business that you can apply to maximize your earnings immediately.

This is why it’s now easier than ever to learn how to become a dog walker or dog sitter and to start making additional money, or if you play your cards right, a full-time income, all from home, on your schedule, on your time.

start a dog walking business from home

Dog Walking Tips for Dealing with Aggressive and Territorial Stray Dogs

Tips for Walking Your Dog Around Aggressive and Territorial Stray Dogs

*Don’t turn and run or attempt to sprint away. This will trigger their predatory instinct to pursue you further and potentially trigger them to even bite you or your dog.

*Depending on the breed of the stray dog you encounter, simply picking up and carrying your dog will diffuse the situation. If the dog continues to bark and move toward you, face them with a dominant/assertive non verbal stance as you walk backwards and slowly away. But do not attempt aggression with them unless they are actually biting you or your dog and you have to physically remove them. Then all bets are off.

dog walking tips for dealing with stray dogs*Carry a cane, walking stick, trekking pole or another object you can point at them or swing as a weapon if you need to. I’ve found often that by simply pointing a trekking pole at a dog or tapping the ground while talking the dog down with a firm yet non-anxious tone can disarm an angry dog or buy you enough time and space to make your escape.

*Some dog breeds may not respond to you picking up your dog and walking away. Be very wary of pitt bulls, doberman pinschers, huskies, rottweilers and hounds.

*If you are overwhelmed worst case scenario, it may be best for you to try to find higher ground for yourself or your dog, to include throwing your dog on top of a car or in the back of a truck, or on a table. Be prepared to fight for you and your dog’s survival if need be, as this may be your only hope until someone can assist you or you show the attacking dog that it’s not worth it to pursue.

*Keep your eyes wide open and check your six regularly. This means a quick glance behind you every few minutes or after you pass an intersection or business/house with an open gate. This also means that you look for dogs 100 yards ahead and see if there are any walking around or sitting nearby buildings. I like to cross the street and avoid them if that’s the case, as traffic is a natural deterrent from dogs running across the road.

Additional Tips for Dog Walkers Dealing with Strays

Here is some more reading for you which agrees with what I’ve stated for the most part on how to overcome encounters with aggressive stray dogs.

Also see:

Turn your love of dogs into money. Start your own dog sitting/dog walking business today with our e-guide.